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The Universe Power Directors

2. The Supreme Power Centers


The Seven Supreme Power Directors are not able, individually, to reproduce themselves, but collectively, and in association with the Seven Master Spirits, they can and do reproduce—create—other beings like themselves. Such is the origin of the Supreme Power Centers of the grand universe, who function in the following seven groups:


1. Supreme Center Supervisors.


2. Havona Centers.


3. Superuniverse Centers.


4. Local Universe Centers.


5. Constellation Centers.


6. System Centers.


7. Unclassified Centers.


These power centers together with the Supreme Power Directors are beings of high will freedom and action. They are all endowed with Third-Source personality and disclose unquestioned volitional capacity of a high order. These directing centers of the universe power system are the possessors of exquisite intelligence endowment; they are the intellect of the power system of the grand universe and the secret of the technique of the mind control of all the vast network of the far-flung functions of the Master Physical Controllers and the Morontia Power Supervisors.


1. Supreme Center Supervisors. These seven co-ordinates and associates of the Supreme Power Directors are the regulators of the master energy circuits of the grand universe. Each center supervisor is headquartered on one of the special worlds of the Seven Supreme Executives, and they work in close association with these co-ordinators of general universe affairs.


The Supreme Power Directors and the Supreme Center Supervisors function both as individuals and conjointly with regard to all cosmic phenomena below the levels of “gravity energy.” When acting in liaison, these fourteen beings are to universe power what the Seven Supreme Executives are to general universe affairs, and what the Seven Master Spirits are to the cosmic mind.


2. Havona Centers. Before the creation of the universes of time and space, power centers were not required in Havona, but ever since these far-distant times, one million have functioned in the central creation, each center having the supervision of a thousand Havona worlds. Here in the divine universe there is perfection of energy control, a condition not existing elsewhere. Perfection of energy regulation is the ultimate goal of all the power centers and the physical controllers of space.


3. Superuniverse Centers. Occupying an enormous area on the capital sphere of each of the seven superuniverses are one thousand power centers of the third order. Three currents of primary energy of ten segregations each come in to these power centers, but seven specialized and well-directed, though imperfectly controlled, circuits of power go forth from their seat of united action. This is the electronic organization of universe power.


All energy is circuited in the Paradise cycle, but the Universe Power Directors direct the force-energies of nether Paradise as they find them modified in the space functions of the central and superuniverses, converting and directing these energies into channels of useful and constructive application. There is a difference between Havona energy and the energies of the superuniverses. The power charge of a superuniverse consists of three phases of energy of ten segregations each. This threefold energy charge spreads throughout the space of the grand universe; it is like a vast moving ocean of energy which engulfs and bathes the whole of each of the seven supercreations.


The electronic organization of universe power functions in seven phases and discloses varying response to local or linear gravity. This sevenfold circuit proceeds from the superuniverse power centers and pervades each supercreation. Such specialized currents of time and space are definite and localized energy movements initiated and directed for specific purposes, much as the Gulf Stream functions as a circumscribed phenomenon in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean.


4. Local Universe Centers. On the headquarters of each local universe are stationed one hundred power centers of the fourth order. They function to downstep and otherwise to modify the seven power circuits emanating from superuniverse headquarters, thus making them applicable to the services of the constellations and systems. The local astronomical catastrophes of space are of passing concern to these power centers; they are engaged in the orderly dispatch of effective energy to the subsidiary constellations and systems. They are of great assistance to the Creator Sons during the later times of universe organization and energy mobilization. These centers are able to provide intensified lanes of energy useful for interplanetary communication between important inhabited points. Such a lane or line of energy, sometimes also called an energy path, is a direct circuit of energy from one power center to another power center or from one physical controller to another controller. It is an individualized stream of power and stands in contrast to the free space movements of undifferentiated energy.


5. Constellation Centers. Ten of these living power centers are stationed in each constellation, functioning as energy projectors to the one hundred tributary local systems. From these beings there go forth the power lines for communication and transport and for the energizing of those living creatures who are dependent upon certain forms of physical energy for the maintenance of life. But neither the power centers nor the subordinate physical controllers are otherwise concerned with life as a functional organization.


6. System Centers. One Supreme Power Center is permanently assigned to each local system. These system centers dispatch the power circuits to the inhabited worlds of time and space. They co-ordinate the activities of the subordinate physical controllers and otherwise function to insure the satisfactory distribution of power in the local system. The circuit relay between the planets depends upon the perfect co-ordination of certain material energies and upon the efficient regulation of physical power.


7. Unclassified Centers. These are the centers who function in special local situations but not on the inhabited planets. The individual worlds are in the charge of Master Physical Controllers and receive the encircuited lines of power dispatched by the power center of their system. Only those spheres of the most extraordinary energy relationships have power centers of the seventh order acting as universe balance wheels or energy governors. In every phase of activity these power centers are the full equals of those who function on the higher units of control, but not one space body in a million harbors such a living power organization.

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