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Machiventa Melchizedek

The Machiventa Incarnation  •  The Sage of Salem  •  Melchizedek’s Teachings  •  The Salem Religion  •  The Selection of Abraham  •  Melchizedek’s Covenant with Abraham  •  The Melchizedek Missionaries  •  Departure of Melchizedek  •  After Melchizedek’s Departure  •  Present Status of Machiventa Melchizedek

THE Melchizedeks are widely known as emergency Sons, for they engage in an amazing range of activities on the worlds of a local universe. When any extraordinary problem arises, or when something unusual is to be attempted, it is quite often a Melchizedek who accepts the assignment. The ability of the Melchizedek Sons to function in emergencies and on widely divergent levels of the universe, even on the physical level of personality manifestation, is peculiar to their order. Only the Life Carriers share to any degree this metamorphic range of personality function.


The Melchizedek order of universe sonship has been exceedingly active on Urantia. A corps of twelve served in conjunction with the Life Carriers. A later corps of twelve became receivers for your world shortly after the Caligastia secession and continued in authority until the time of Adam and Eve. These twelve Melchizedeks returned to Urantia upon the default of Adam and Eve, and they continued thereafter as planetary receivers on down to the day when Jesus of Nazareth, as the Son of Man, became the titular Planetary Prince of Urantia.

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