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The Midway Creatures

The Primary Midwayers  •  The Nodite Race  •  The Tower of Babel  •  Nodite Centers of Civilization  •  Adamson and Ratta  •  The Secondary Midwayers  •  The Rebel Midwayers  •  The United Midwayers  •  The Permanent Citizens of Urantia

MOST of the inhabited worlds of Nebadon harbor one or more groups of unique beings existing on a life-functioning level about midway between those of the mortals of the realms and of the angelic orders; hence are they called midway creatures. They appear to be an accident of time, but they occur so widespreadly and are so valuable as helpers that we have all long since accepted them as one of the essential orders of our combined planetary ministry.


On Urantia there function two distinct orders of midwayers: the primary or senior corps, who came into being back in the days of Dalamatia, and the secondary or younger group, whose origin dates from the times of Adam.

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