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The Default of Adam and Eve

The Urantia Problem  •  Caligastia’s Plot  •  The Temptation of Eve  •  The Realization of Default  •  Repercussions of Default  •  Adam and Eve Leave the Garden  •  Degradation of Adam and Eve  •  The So-Called Fall of Man

AFTER more than one hundred years of effort on Urantia, Adam was able to see very little progress outside the Garden; the world at large did not seem to be improving much. The realization of race betterment appeared to be a long way off, and the situation seemed so desperate as to demand something for relief not embraced in the original plans. At least that is what often passed through Adam’s mind, and he so expressed himself many times to Eve. Adam and his mate were loyal, but they were isolated from their kind, and they were sorely distressed by the sorry plight of their world.

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