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The Evolution of Human Government

The Genesis of War  •  The Social Value of War  •  Early Human Associations  •  Clans and Tribes  •  The Beginnings of Government  •  Monarchial Government  •  Primitive Clubs and Secret Societies  •  Social Classes  •  Human Rights  •  Evolution of Justice  •  Laws and Courts  •  Allocation of Civil Authority

NO SOONER had man partially solved the problem of making a living than he was confronted with the task of regulating human contacts. The development of industry demanded law, order, and social adjustment; private property necessitated government.


On an evolutionary world, antagonisms are natural; peace is secured only by some sort of social regulative system. Social regulation is inseparable from social organization; association implies some controlling authority. Government compels the co-ordination of the antagonisms of the tribes, clans, families, and individuals.


Government is an unconscious development; it evolves by trial and error. It does have survival value; therefore it becomes traditional. Anarchy augmented misery; therefore government, comparative law and order, slowly emerged or is emerging. The coercive demands of the struggle for existence literally drove the human race along the progressive road to civilization.

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