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The First Human Family

Andon and Fonta  •  The Flight of the Twins  •  Andon’s Family  •  The Andonic Clans  •  Dispersion of the Andonites  •  Onagar—The First Truth Teacher  •  The Survival of Andon and Fonta

URANTIA was registered as an inhabited world when the first two human beings—the twins—were eleven years old, and before they had become the parents of the first-born of the second generation of actual human beings. And the archangel message from Salvington, on this occasion of formal planetary recognition, closed with these words:


“Man-mind has appeared on 606 of Satania, and these parents of the new race shall be called Andon and Fonta. And all archangels pray that these creatures may speedily be endowed with the personal indwelling of the gift of the spirit of the Universal Father.”


Andon is the Nebadon name which signifies “the first Fatherlike creature to exhibit human perfection hunger.” Fonta signifies “the first Sonlike creature to exhibit human perfection hunger.” Andon and Fonta never knew these names until they were bestowed upon them at the time of fusion with their Thought Adjusters. Throughout their mortal sojourn on Urantia they called each other Sonta-an and Sonta-en, Sonta-an meaning “loved by mother,” Sonta-en signifying “loved by father.” They gave themselves these names, and the meanings are significant of their mutual regard and affection.

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