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The Local System Headquarters

Physical Aspects of Jerusem  •  Physical Features of Jerusem  •  The Jerusem Broadcasts  •  Residential and Administrative Areas  •  The Jerusem Circles  •  The Executive-Administrative Squares  •  The Rectangles—The Spornagia  •  The Jerusem Triangles

JERUSEM, the headquarters of Satania, is an average capital of a local system, and aside from numerous irregularities occasioned by the Lucifer rebellion and the bestowal of Michael on Urantia, it is typical of similar spheres. Your local system has passed through some stormy experiences, but it is at present being administered most efficiently, and as the ages pass, the results of disharmony are being slowly but surely eradicated. Order and good will are being restored, and the conditions on Jerusem are more and more approaching the heavenly status of your traditions, for the system headquarters is truly the heaven visualized by the majority of twentieth-century religious believers.

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