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The Ascending Sons of God

Evolutionary Seraphim  •  Ascending Material Sons  •  Translated Midwayers  •  Personalized Adjusters  •  Mortals of Time and Space  •  The Faith Sons of God  •  Father-Fused Mortals  •  Son-Fused Mortals  •  Spirit-Fused Mortals  •  Ascendant Destinies

AS IN many of the major groups of universe beings, seven general classes of the Ascending Sons of God have been revealed:


1. Father-fused Mortals.


2. Son-fused Mortals.


3. Spirit-fused Mortals.


4. Evolutionary Seraphim.


5. Ascending Material Sons.


6. Translated Midwayers.


7. Personalized Adjusters.


The story of these beings, from the lowly animal-origin mortals of the evolutionary worlds to the Personalized Adjusters of the Universal Father, presents a glorious recital of the unstinted bestowal of divine love and gracious condescension throughout all time and in all universes of the far-flung creation of the Paradise Deities.


These presentations began with a description of the Deities, and group by group, the narrative has descended the universal scale of living beings until it has reached the lowest order of life endowed with the potential of immortality; and now am I dispatched from Salvington—onetime a mortal of origin on an evolutionary world of space—to elaborate and continue the recital of the eternal purpose of the Gods respecting the ascending orders of sonship, more particularly with regard to the mortal creatures of time and space.


Since the greater part of this narrative will be devoted to a discussion of the three basic orders of ascending mortals, consideration will first be given to the nonmortal ascending orders of sonship—seraphic, Adamic, midwayer, and Adjuster.

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