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Ministering Spirits of the Superuniverses

The Tertiaphim  •  The Omniaphim  •  The Seconaphim  •  The Primary Seconaphim  •  The Secondary Seconaphim  •  The Tertiary Seconaphim  •  Ministry of the Seconaphim

AS THE supernaphim are the angelic hosts of the central universe and the seraphim of the local universes, so are the seconaphim the ministering spirits of the superuniverses. In degree of divinity and in potential of supremacy, however, these children of the Reflective Spirits are much more like supernaphim than seraphim. They serve not alone in the supercreations, and both numerous and intriguing are the transactions sponsored by their unrevealed associates.


As presented in these narratives, the ministering spirits of the superuniverses embrace the following three orders:


1. The Seconaphim.


2. The Tertiaphim.


3. The Omniaphim.


Since the latter two orders are not so directly concerned with the ascendant scheme of mortal progression, they will be briefly discussed prior to the more extended consideration of seconaphim. Technically, neither tertiaphim nor omniaphim are ministering spirits of the superuniverses, though both serve as spirit ministers in these domains.

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