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Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit

The Universe Circuit Supervisors  •  The Census Directors  •  Personal Aids of the Infinite Spirit  •  The Associate Inspectors  •  The Assigned Sentinels  •  The Graduate Guides  •  Origin of the Graduate Guides

ON UVERSA we divide all personalities and entities of the Conjoint Creator into three grand divisions: the Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit, the Messenger Hosts of Space, and the Ministering Spirits of Time, those spirit beings who are concerned with teaching and ministering to the will creatures of the ascendant scheme of mortal progression.


Those Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit that find mention in these narratives function throughout the grand universe in seven divisions:


1. Solitary Messengers.


2. Universe Circuit Supervisors.


3. Census Directors.


4. Personal Aids of the Infinite Spirit.


5. Associate Inspectors.


6. Assigned Sentinels.


7. Graduate Guides.


Solitary Messengers, Circuit Supervisors, Census Directors, and the Personal Aids are characterized by the possession of tremendous endowments of antigravity. The Solitary Messengers are without known general headquarters; they roam the universe of universes. The Universe Circuit Supervisors and the Census Directors maintain headquarters on the capitals of the superuniverses. The Personal Aids of the Infinite Spirit are stationed on the central Isle of Light. The Associate Inspectors and the Assigned Sentinels are respectively stationed on the capitals of the local universes and on the capitals of their component systems. The Graduate Guides are resident in the Havona universe and function on all its billion worlds. Most of these higher personalities have stations in the local universes, but they are not organically attached to the administrations of the evolutionary realms.


Of the seven classes composing this group, only the Solitary Messengers and perhaps the Personal Aids range the universe of universes. Solitary Messengers are encountered from Paradise outward: through the Havona circuits to the superuniverse capitals and thence out through the sectors and local universes, with their subdivisions, and even to the inhabited worlds. Although Solitary Messengers belong to the Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit, their origin, nature, and service have been discussed in the preceding paper.

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