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Relation of Adjusters to Individual Mortals

Indwelling the Mortal Mind  •  Adjusters and Human Will  •  Co-operation with the Adjuster  •  The Adjuster’s Work in the Mind  •  Erroneous Concepts of Adjuster Guidance  •  The Seven Psychic Circles  •  The Attainment of Immortality

THE endowment of imperfect beings with freedom entails inevitable tragedy, and it is the nature of the perfect ancestral Deity to universally and affectionately share these sufferings in loving companionship.


As far as I am conversant with the affairs of a universe, I regard the love and devotion of a Thought Adjuster as the most truly divine affection in all creation. The love of the Sons in their ministry to the races is superb, but the devotion of an Adjuster to the individual is touchingly sublime, divinely Fatherlike. The Paradise Father has apparently reserved this form of personal contact with his individual creatures as an exclusive Creator prerogative. And there is nothing in all the universe of universes exactly comparable to the marvelous ministry of these impersonal entities that so fascinatingly indwell the children of the evolutionary planets.

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